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OpenStack Partnerships

F5 has tested and certified its integration with OpenStack distribution platform vendors such as Red Hat, Mirantis, and HPE, as well as SDN partners Cisco, PLUMgrid, and Nuage. That means you can count on fully supported, validated OpenStack implementations.

Each of F5’s OpenStack distribution partners provides comprehensive documentation for installing and configuring OpenStack.

F5 Distribution Platform Certifications
Platform F5 OpenStack Solution OpenStack version
HPE Helion OpenStack v4.0 F5 LBaaSv2 Mitaka
HPE Helion OpenStack v3.0 F5 LBaaSv2 Liberty
Mirantis OpenStack v9.0 F5 LBaaSv2, Heat plugin Mitaka
Mirantis OpenStack v7.0 F5 LBaaSv1 Kilo
RedHat OpenStack Platform v7 F5 LBaaSv1 Kilo
RedHat OpenStack Platform v6 F5 LBaaSv1 Juno
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